The House Next Door

United Methodist Women President: Kathy Baldwin

The House Next Door Thrift Shop is run by the women's group (United Methodist Women), a group that purpose is a mission outreach and fellowship. We raised close t0 $20,000 for local and global missions. The House Next Door is located at 212 Nottawa Seepe just west of the church. The shop is filled with lots of treasures! Clothing, winter coats, kitchen items, craft materials, shoes, decorations, a seasonal room with decorations for that season and some men's tools and more.  Donations come every day, so, there is something new you can discover. January is 50% everything and you can always get a bag of clothes and shoes for $5.00. We only accept cash, no credit card or debit cards or checks.  Donations are always welcome.

We are open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 1-5 pm.