Dave Schwartz

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Irene Webster

I consider myself ecumenical.  My grandfather was a Lutheran minister who helped establish a Bible Camp in the Upper Peninsula, an aunt who was a Dominican nun who also taught in public schools, baptized in a Church of God, sang in a Methodist Campus choir, worked at a Methodist supported Child Development Center, song leader in a rural, central Texas UMC, married on Feb. 29th in a U.C.C. church, and sang/traveled with "One Voice" choir-an interdenominational/generational Gospel choir located at St. Paul U.C.C., Saline.  God controls and leads my life and I'm enjoying the ride!

chief cook and bottle washer and computer fixer

gerald lipowski

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Jane Case

Jane is a very talent person who has served as our musician for many years.  She is ordained in the United Methodist Church as a Deacon.  Jane also leads our Wednesday night Bible study.  They are currently studying the book of Ezekiel.